US Government Workplaces must “see all the things” and Detect the Threats Posed by BYOD/IoT

Every day, tens of thousands of undetected – and often unauthorized – devices move through government worksites and military bases throughout the world. These devices run the gamut from seemingly innocuous employee-owned smartphones to potentially malicious planted devices, or even a wifi-enabled drone. Sure, government agencies have strict policies in place to ‘regulate’ BYOD because security pros know these devices can be gateways for threats to get inside the network, but it is becoming increasingly clear that policies cannot be enforced when these devices cannot even be detected in the first place. This was underscored by a recent industry study of 1,000 Federal government employees that revealed that:

  • 50% of government employees use their personal devices to access email.
  • 49% use personal devices to download work documents.
  • Of employees at agencies with rules against the use of personal devices, 40% said the restrictions “have little to no impact on their behavior” – and as a result, they are unknowingly providing open pathways into critical government infrastructure.

Government agencies, with hundreds of thousands of people flowing through sites each day, recognize this problem is something that must be addressed – and quickly.


Pwn Plus on GSA Schedule

Today, we’re proud to announce that Pwn Pulse is now available via the US GSA schedule, as well as our new strategic partner  gvTechSolutions. Pwn Plus is used by  government agencies at the local, state and federal level continuously detect and fingerprint the billions of devices in and around their workplaces. Much like surveillance cameras brought much-needed visibility for physical workplace security, the Pwn Pulse platform continuously detects the devices that are open pathways for attackers. The assessment and analysis of any BYOD or rogue device gives government agencies the full visibility needed to prioritize security response, reduce alert fatigue and provide situational intelligence to implement real-time remediation.

You can read full details about our new partnership here – but here’s what our CEO Paul Paget had to say about the news:

“Adversaries know that organizations, both in the private and public sector, spend most of their security budgets on physical and network security. These organizations have limited, if not zero-capability, to monitor the presence and behavior of wireless devices from the ubiquitous smartphone to the world of other smart devices now being deployed. With this explosion of devices, coupled with ever-present wireless access points, the devices in and around your network are open pathways to your most sensitive data. Pwn Pulse is a unique platform purpose-built to deploy in minutes and provide security teams the ability to remotely, securely, and effectively monitor and assess their security risk against all of these previously undetectable devices.”

To learn more about how Pwnie Express is uniquely positioned to help federal, state and local government departments achieve their critical security mission, please visit:

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