Pwnie Express’s Dave Porcello and Vic Wheatman on Securing Branch Locations


Episode 20: Securing the Branch Location and Remote Sites

Hackers continue to go after the easiest target — the branch or remote office be it a gas station, retail store, bank branch, local health clinic or the like.

Armed with the knowledge that organizations are increasingly distributed and most organizations’ budgets are allocated to headquarters, a branch or remote office often provides an easy access point for attackers.

Vic Wheatman speaks at Black Hat with Dave Porcello, CTO and founder of Pwnie Express on what kinds of attack the organization should actually be concerned about.

Is it the advanced persistent threat or is it that unknown rogue access point? As you’ll hear from Porcello, your organization may have unbelievable security 99 percent of the time but it’s that one computer, or air conditioning duct, that often opens the door.

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Security Pulse of the Company

The heart of any company is the headquarters. Organizations go to great lengths to protect this center of human and security activity, but like wearing a Kevlar vest to protect the vitals, securing just the headquarters is not enough. And even scarier? Until now, there was no cost-effective way of consistently monitoring the security of systems at your remote locations.

What is it?

That’s why Pwnie Express is releasing Pwn Pulse, a centralized SaaS solution that allows security teams to “see all the things” in their remote offices. Pwn Pulse gives users complete remote control over Pwnie’s innovative white hat “hack-in-a-box” sensors, allowing them to test security systems without travel or cumbersome bandwidth requirements.

What does it do?

Pwn Pulse automatically discovers all wired, wireless, and Bluetooth devices at a location, whether on the network or unknown. Give Pwn Pulse a schedule and it will run vulnerability scans from within the firewall at each remote location. More technical users can run custom scripts and assessments remotely through Pwn Pulse to further test security gaps revealed by routine vulnerability scans. And, if necessary, security professionals can remotely operate one-to-one penetration tests.

How does it look?

Most importantly, the Pulse dashboard presents the information in an intuitive format with analysis capabilities. In addition to seeing and controlling specific sensors, the Pulse dashboard allows the user to see the information across a set of sensors or locations so as to track broader company security trends.

That’s what makes Pwn Pulse so exciting! One-to-one asset discovery and penetration testing is useful, but we wanted to make those tools even better for defending against your attackers. Pulse gives you the most important protection: information. A better-informed security team can find the chinks in the armor and appropriately allocate resources where they’re most useful. Pwn Pulse lets you can take the pulse of your organization, to properly diagnose the problem.

For more questions, please visit our website or the Pwn Pulse FAQ. Additionally, you can access the official press release here.

Winner of the Pwn Phone 2014 July Survey

nexusPwnie Express would like to announce the winner of our Pwn Phone 2014 Survey that closed at the end of July. Dan Fleischer of Illinois is the lucky winner! We look forward to hearing about how he’s liking the recently released Pwn Phone 2014. Congratulations!

Pwnie Express Announces “Pwn Pulse” SaaS Security Assessment Solution Enterprise-class Offering Combines Pwnie Express Sensors with Central Management for Remote Location Intelligence

Enterprise-class Offering Combines Pwnie Express Sensors with Central Management for Remote Location Intelligence

August 5, 2014

Pwnie Express, the only company to assess wired and wireless network security in remote locations on demand, today announced the Pwn Pulse software as a service (SaaS) solution. The enterprise-class offering uses Pwnie Express’s easy-to-deploy sensors to provide highly scalable continuous intelligence.

An end-to-end security assessment solution designed specifically for hard-to-reach distributed remote sites, Pwn Pulse delivers real-time wired and wireless asset discovery, continuous vulnerability scanning, pentesting, risk trending and alerting.

Known for its drop-box penetration testing solutions, the new SaaS solution completes the entire enterprise security assessment lifecycle. The solution delivers a robust centralized management console that:

  •  Allows for out-of-the-box deployment of sensors
  • Aggregates and correlates sensor data
  • Provides trending and analysis of data with the ability to drill down to sensor asset level
  • Pwn Pulse also easily and seamlessly integrates with existing security information and event management (SIEM) products.

Product benefits:

  • Provides a cost-effective lightweight, non-intrusive and easy-to-deploy solution for remote locations
  • Delivers the most comprehensive asset discovery to remote sites
  • Extends vulnerability management to remote sites
  • Enables subsequent on-demand penetration testing to remote sites
  • Allows for easy anywhere multi-site deployment
  • Increases frequency and scope of remote site assessment
  • Expands awareness of wired, wireless, BYOD and rogue devices across all sites
  • Addresses PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements at remote sites
  • Reduces travel and operational overhead required to do security testing

“Businesses have fortified their headquarters and are now finding that they are increasingly at risk at their remote and branch offices as they remain vulnerable to attack, “ said Dave Porcello, CTO and founder of Pwnie Express “Remote locations have often been overlooked as the ideal attack entry point and the attackers know and use this. Attackers have also relied on and benefited from the difficulty organizations have experienced when trying to conduct security assessments and penetration test these remote wired and wireless environments which leaves them open to attack.

“Pwn Pulse is a game changer. It leverages the data generated by our proven sensors to provide a total end-to-end security assessment solution that integrates all of the intelligence for remote locations.”

Pwn Pulse provides consolidated asset discovery, vulnerability scanning, and pentesting in a single unified solution to deliver actionable risk information showing organizations where they are most vulnerable. This allows organizations to focus on high probability threats and threat vectors. With Pwn Pulse’s integrated intelligence, delivering continuous in-depth analysis to accurately identify attack paths, organizations can now extend their security from the headquarters across their entire organization.

“Working with large and mid-sized organizations, some of the largest challenges we see is the ability to understand what risks remote locations truly have. We continue to see a number of breaches occur at bank beaches, remote hospital locations, retail store locations, and other areas that are not directly at the “corporate” environment.,” said Dave Kennedy, Founder and Principal Security Consultant TrustedSec LLC.

“It’s challenging to get visibility into these different areas and something we simulate as attackers on a regular basis. Our easiest entry points are usually in these remote locations. It’s really great to see Pwnie Express come out with Pwn Pulse, which helps gain valuable data and information into the remote locations around what risks and exposures you may have to really start to fix a lot of the issues we see regularly. The more information an organization has, the better off they are in understanding what they can to do defend against the attacks we are seeing today.”

Pwnie Express’s network security assessment sensors are rapidly deployable and have been providing enterprises worldwide access to, and intelligence in hard to reach locations. At Pwnie Express’s core are open source tools available in a variety of form factors.

Pwn Pulse is currently in Beta testing. General availability will be in Q4. If you are interested in being part of the Beta please contact Pwnie Express at

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express provides an entire security assessment lifecycle solution leveraging its proven and innovative sensors that assess network security risks in remote and hard to reach locations. A SaaS solution, Pwnie allows for wired & wireless asset discovery, vulnerability scanning and on-demand penetration testing in remote and hard to reach locations. Thousands of enterprises and government organizations worldwide have been relying on Pwnie Express’s products to conduct drop-box penetration testing and provide unprecedented insight into their distributed network infrastructure. Pwnie Express’s SaaS solution based on its smart devices all organizations to see all the things while leveraging open source tools and platforms. The award-winning products are backed by the expertise of Pwnie Express Labs, the company’s security research arm. The company is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

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