Standard Reverse SSH

Next in our how-to Pwnie is a tutorial in how to set up a standard reverse SSH connection. In order to get past firewalls and communicate directly with a Pwn Pro sensor located in a remote location, a reverse SSH connection must be set up. This demonstration will be using a Pwn Pro, though any Pwn Appliance or Pwn Plug will work. The video guides you through specifying the Kali Linux connection and setting up various types of reverse shells (standard, reverse over DHS, etc). All you need to do is supply a DNS resolvable name and a port number. The guide then continues to describe the different types of SSH and which may be most useful for your use case. The tutorial also explains how you can add a second SSH receiver. And be sure to watch the video! A contest featuring this video will be going up on our weekly promotions page soon.

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