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Pwnie Express’ Pwn Pulse Delivers Comprehensive Bluetooth Visibility and Protection

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Feb 19, 2016) –   By 2019, there will be an estimated 60 million Bluetooth-enabled devices in the open market, each of which will have the ability to influence their local environment. From Bluetooth-enabled Smart Thermostats to in-car communication systems, these devices provide a wealth of information about who we are, where we are, what we do, what we care about and how we spend money. Today, Pwnie Expressintroduced comprehensive Bluetooth visibility — helping IT security teams continuously detect any malicious device in pairing mode, as well as many devices that are already paired and communicating actively, which could be used to conduct criminal activity or put an organization at risk.

Until now, visibility of Bluetooth devices was limited to those configured in classic pairing mode. The Pwn Pulse SaaS Platform now enables users to see a more comprehensive picture of Bluetooth devices in the airspace, whether a new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device or a Bluetooth Classic Device. Pwn Pulse provides comprehensive visibility and real-time reporting on discoverable and non-discoverable Bluetooth devices, giving IT security teams the granular device intelligence needed to prioritize tracking and security response, such as device type, MAC address, signal strength, etc. This expanded visibility allows organizations using Bluetooth devices to ensure device accountability for critical Bluetooth-enabled systems or confirm the presence of these common and often overlooked devices in sensitive or wireless-restricted environments.

On the ubiquity of Bluetooth devices, Paul Paget, CEO, Pwnie Express remarked, “Though consumers increasingly rely on Bluetooth-enabled devices for day-to-day tasks, many users still do not follow proper security best practices, such as turning off Bluetooth when the device is not being used. Compounding the problem, some devices automatically turn on Bluetooth without explicit user request, opening the door for malicious actors to eavesdrop on phone calls, execute Denial-of-Service attacks, track locations, and more. Additionally, our Labs Team has seen a rise in criminal activity using Bluetooth-enabled technology.”

Paget continued, “By providing the unprecedented ability to ‘see’ all Bluetooth devices in and around an enterprise network environment — whether they are discoverable or not — Pwn Pulse helps organizations mitigate risk through identification of potential attack vectors from the airspace.”

Pwn Pulse continuously monitors for the presence of all devices — from phones to drones — and provides real-time alerts and daily trend reports on the metrics that matter most. By seamlessly integrating with SIEM systems, Pwn Pulse gives you the ability to track alerts from a central location and find the devices posing threats to the organization. To learn more about Pwn Pulse, please visit here.

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express provides threat detection of the billions of devices in and around your workplace. By automating wireless and wired device detection, Pwnie solutions continuously detect the devices on or around your network that are open pathways for attackers. Pwnie arms your security team to win the BYOD battle with the ability to detect and fingerprint any device, from phone to thermostat, in order to prioritize your security response, reduce alert fatigue, and provide situational intelligence. See all the things you’re missing at or @PwnieExpress.

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