Security Pulse of the Company

The heart of any company is the headquarters. Organizations go to great lengths to protect this center of human and security activity, but like wearing a Kevlar vest to protect the vitals, securing just the headquarters is not enough. And even scarier? Until now, there was no cost-effective way of consistently monitoring the security of systems at your remote locations.

What is it?

That’s why Pwnie Express is releasing Pwn Pulse, a centralized SaaS solution that allows security teams to “see all the things” in their remote offices. Pwn Pulse gives users complete remote control over Pwnie’s innovative white hat “hack-in-a-box” sensors, allowing them to test security systems without travel or cumbersome bandwidth requirements.

What does it do?

Pwn Pulse automatically discovers all wired, wireless, and Bluetooth devices at a location, whether on the network or unknown. Give Pwn Pulse a schedule and it will run vulnerability scans from within the firewall at each remote location. More technical users can run custom scripts and assessments remotely through Pwn Pulse to further test security gaps revealed by routine vulnerability scans. And, if necessary, security professionals can remotely operate one-to-one penetration tests.

How does it look?

Most importantly, the Pulse dashboard presents the information in an intuitive format with analysis capabilities. In addition to seeing and controlling specific sensors, the Pulse dashboard allows the user to see the information across a set of sensors or locations so as to track broader company security trends.

That’s what makes Pwn Pulse so exciting! One-to-one asset discovery and penetration testing is useful, but we wanted to make those tools even better for defending against your attackers. Pulse gives you the most important protection: information. A better-informed security team can find the chinks in the armor and appropriately allocate resources where they’re most useful. Pwn Pulse lets you can take the pulse of your organization, to properly diagnose the problem.

For more questions, please visit our website or the Pwn Pulse FAQ. Additionally, you can access the official press release here.

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