Annual Innovation List Provides Clues to Security’s Future

The end of a year always brings about both retrospective and predictive posts. It is important, especially in our security community to both recognize where we’ve been to learn from the past and look forward to what might happen in order to be prepared. That is why SC Magazine’s annual “Security Innovator” awards have been a great barometer of both sides of this coin. During my career in security I’ve always used this list to look back at the accomplishments from the past year, bindustry innovatorut also get a feel for where the market is going.One example hit me as I read this year’s list of innovators, which included a “Hall of Fame” designation for FireEye, who originally grabbed an innovator award back in 2010. Five years, and we’ve seen our industry shape and reshape itself over and over again.

And now we do it all again.

Pwnie Express Named 2015 Security Innovator by SC Magazine

When an article starts out “This is one of our personal favorites” you just can’t help but continue reading on, and that is exactly how the article about Pwnie Express being named a SCMagazine 2015 Security Innovator begins. This annual list of the very coolest up and comers in the security industry is broken into ten categories. Pwnie was one of only two innovators selected in the “Security Infrastructure” category, which the magazine described as a “tough one”.

Obviously when you get this type of recognition you immediately think about the engineering talent and vision that went into creating our Pwn Pulse solution, launched at RSA 2015. Then, to our amazing users who have deployed Pwn Pulse around the world to detect, fingerprint, and analyze the rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized wireless and wired device
s threatening their workplaces.

Innovation In Action

The best way to recognize true innovation in security is to actually use the products in real-world scenarios, and this is what SC Magazine did. Peter Stephenson, technology editor for the magazine wrote about his use of Pwn Pulse December issue:

“We tested the Pwn Plug in the depths of Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers and the most high tech football stadium in the world with more than 12,000 Wi-Fi access points. We ran a single Pwn Plug during the World Cup soccer match last spring with about 75,000 fans in the stadium. The single device followed several thousand Wi-Fi users and many of the access points. Obviously, we were impressed.”

Stephenson continued, “When this Innovator took the management and visibility of the devices to the cloud – their Pwn Pulse offering – the company’s business exploded. He continued, “These folks have one of the best crystal balls in the
 business – they really know how to predict an important emerging niche – and exploit it.”

And there it is…the future, and this is what is truly exciting for us all here at Pwnie and throughout our industry. We continue to push forward in the face of sometimes insurmountable challenges.

See For Yourself

For those not familiar with Pwn Pulse it is solution that continuously detects all of the devices putting your office(s) at risk. The SaaS platform detects devices connected to or even around a network, helping to replace legacy, expensive, on-site, manual point-in-time assessments. Pwn Pulse finds unidentified, open attack paths including: mobile phones, Wi-Fi Printers, Access Points, Smart Devices, and more, while working to amplify an organization’s existing IT and security tools, people, and workflow.

If you have time register for our demo so we can hear directly from you about your challenges in this area and if Pwn Pulse can help.

FYI: SC Magazine is a trademark of Haymarket Media.

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