RSA Day 3 Recap

The third day of RSA really amped up the energy in the South Hall Expo. Not only did the traffic passing by the booths increase exponentially, but the overall excitement and enthusiasm for new technology reached a new high. Being such a relatively new company, the Pwnie Express team was thrilled to be able to show off and introduce its security solution to so many curious attendees.

My favorite part of this day was our new demo that showed the number of devices of passerbys’ that were connected to Wi-fi. Conference attendees would stroll by the booth, come to a halt in front of our flat screen demo display and study it briefly before asking what exactly this was all about. Then, upon receiving an introduction to our security solution and just how many devices were showing on the screen, their excitement was quite visible in their expressions. Before turning away from our booth, attendees would quickly reach for their phones and turn off their wifi connection. What better way to demonstrate security vulnerabilities in the cyber space than through a clever little device like this?  I felt quite proud to be a part of such an innovative team and I was very excited to watch the enthusiastic responses from people who strolled by our booth.

For quite a few conference attendees, Wednesday was their lucky day to receive fantastic conference pricing on our products – they walked away with a new toy for either work or for personal use. The Pwn Pad 2014 definitely garnered the most attention with its sleek form factor and world’s sharpest 7″ tablet screen. Another favorite was the Pwn Plug Elite, just because of its’ simple yet so effective form factor. And of course, everyone is awaiting the Pwn Pad 2014 raffle results to see if they are by chance the lucky winner!

The afternoon resulted in several video interviews with customers and partner companies, as well as networking with a diverse and dynamic security community. A brief walk through both the North and South Hall Expos provided me with a good overview of the latest and greatest in technology and innovation. And of course, like everyone attending conferences, I couldn’t help but grab a few of the silly yet irresistible freebies from other booths while recruiting exhibitors to stop by our booth to enter the Pwn Pad raffle. It was great to meet some of our customers in person while making new connections.

Pwnie Express had a great turnout at RSA, we were excited to again be a part of the technology innovation at one of the most premier conferences. Although I just left RSA, I am already looking forward to what next year at RSA will bring.


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