RSA 2014 Wrap Up

I just finished my seventh year of attending RSA. The conference was bigger than ever, with a very enthusiastic attendee base and a well-engaged and knowledgeable vendor community.  Over the years RSA has become one of the premier and most relevant information technology conferences in the world. This year there were so many new trends and exciting solutions being offered. As always, start up alley was filled with energy, enthusiasm, great new products and services, and passionate companies vying for attention.

Like in past shows, the perennial security cornerstone companies promised to provide all of their products on platform like dashboards and summarize everything you need on comprehensive consoles. One-stop shopping for all of your security needs is the nirvana that they strive for. The “best of breed” upstarts continue to innovate, develop, and deliver much needed solution sets in a focused and efficient manner. What we have in common is that we are all trying to make the digital world a less chaotic and orderly place for all of our daily information needs. Once again, information security is a fantastic place to be in 2014.

Among all of the trends were innovators and vendors mastering a fine balancing act between  separating themselves from all the noise while remaining relevant. At the same time there was a common thread that still prevailed with a large part of the participants:

What unknown activities are underway on my network?

In the remote, most vulnerable areas of my network, how do I ensure that I am aware and take actions so I can see “all of the things”?

Am I keeping compliant and viewing the entirety of the network?

However, the edges of the network (the outposts) are still the most vulnerable. That’s where the breaches will occur and that is where we really need to focus and lock down. You will most likely be regretting it if you choose to make this an afterthought.

RSA 2015 is just a year away and I’m sure it will be just as innovative as ever. Pwnie Express we will be there again, doing what it does best: staying one step ahead of the bad guys and helping to provide the community with necessary and forward thinking solutions that run your businesses with less stress and more efficiency.

I wish you all safe travels home from the show.

Steve Pace


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