Pwnie Values

Here on the blog, we often talk about the cool products and ideas that come out of Pwnie Express, but less so about the company itself. At the core of Pwnie are our values:


Integrity – Honesty and respect for one another are the guiding principles for everything we do. Our integrity is measured by accountability to our customers, the global InfoSec community and our fellow Pwnies.

Passion – We are a team of highly driven and passionate individuals, committed to hard work and execution, focused on solving the security problems of an Internet-connected world.

Teamwork – We regularly train, practice, and measure our abilities to ensure confidence and trust as a team. Through collaboration, we achieve breakthroughs together with customers, partners, and the global InfoSec community.

Innovation – The desire to challenge the status quo – fundamental to the hacker mindset – is ingrained in our DNA.  We encourage targeted risk taking, building upon a constant search for new and innovative solutions.  We create game-changing products and services for our customers and the global InfoSec community to improve the security of our Internet-connected world.

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