Pwnie Tuesday at RSA

Today was another great day at RSA with an entire day on the floor. While this may seem like an awfully long time to be standing on your feet and mingling, the atmosphere and floor activity kept the Pwnie Team energized throughout the day. The morning started with an influx of conference attendees. We were excited to see that most were familiar with Pwnie Express and quite enthusiastic about the new logo and Pwnie gear.

Later in the morning I visited the Splunk booth #2835 where Pwnie Express’s CEO Paul Paget and founder Dave Porcello set up a Pwn Plug R2 demo that quickly discovered over 1,000 wifi connections in the exhibit hall. This not only caught conference attendees and exhibitors by surprise, but also left them hastily checking their cell phones to turn off their wifi connections. The result proved to be a fantastic way of pointing out the vulnerabilities in today’s security, specifically in terms of wireless connectivity.

I also took a little bit of time to walk the exhibit floors and interview attendees about RSA and their main takeaways (check back for these on our blog page soon), in addition to taking a couple of awesome interviews with Pwnie Express customers. As half of our partner booths are located on the North Expo, I gained a nice comparison to the South Expo. While the North Expo contains much larger booths, flashy flat screen displays, meeting spaces, and presentations, the South Expo had a much more intimate feel to it. The North Expo did provide quite a bit of glitz and glam as well as really cool booth designs. Both exhibit spaces are of equal size and each Expo contained roughly the same number of attendees in it. But what was really interesting to me was that the South Expo with its smaller booth sizes and limited hall space was teeming and buzzing with activity. A mix of well-established companies and recent start-ups, the South Expo is what drew the most attention as people seemed to be more interested in and curious about the latest technology and developments in the security space. It struck me as almost a comparison between a popular, well-advertised restaurant chain that everyone has to be at least familiar with – essentially a reliable brand that guarantees the same menu in contrast to a small, local restaurant that promises a unique and dynamic flavor. The innovation and new developments of security solutions in the South Expo is what drew more business conversations to take place in the South side. Tomorrow will be another exciting day of general RSA interviews of attendees who stop by the Pwnie Express booth. And have I mentioned the special show pricing on our products that will save you hundreds of dollars? Stop by booth #2513 before products run out and enter to win a PwnPad 2014!



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