Pwnie Express Wins Vermont Tech Jam Award

Penetration Testing and Network Vulnerability Assessment Company Noted for its Production Innovation

October 24, 2013

Pwnie Express, the leading provider of rapid deployment remote security assessment products, today announced that its Pwn Pad won the prestigious 7th annual Vermont Tech Jam Innovation Award.

Pwnie Express provides cost effective, rapid deployment security assessment products comprised of innovative sensors that make it incredibly easy to evaluate risk in remote and distributed environments. These hard-to-reach distributed areas of an organization provide today’s high-risk attack paths for cyber adversaries and rogue devices.

“We are honored that the Vermont Technology Alliance recognized the Pwn Pad for its innovation and simple approach to creating smart devices that leverage the use of open source tools and platforms,” said Paul Paget, Pwnie Express CEO. “This award further attests to our ability to provide enterprises visibility into attack activity and risk on their wired and wireless networks.”

More than a 1000 enterprises across verticals including retail, finance, health, and manufacturing as well as service providers and government organizations rely on Pwnie Express to know who and what is accessing their networks. Pwnie Express’ products come in a variety of form factors including the Tech Jam Award recipient Pwn Pad, as well as the Pwn Plug, the Power Pwn and Pwnie’s groundbreaking enterprise product that provides unprecedented visibility via a centralized console assimilating the data from the various devices.

The Vermont Technology Alliance said in a statement: “Pwnie Express is known for taking “black hat” hacker tools and packaging them in a creative way for “white hat” use, helping government and corporate entities protect their systems from attack. Their new Pwn Pad packs the company’s proven penetration-testing software into the body of a Nexus Table.”

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Pwnie Express’s Research and Development (R&D) and manufacturing operations are in Vermont.

About Pwnie Express Pwnie Express is the leading provider of innovative sensors that assess network security risks in remote locations. Thousands of enterprises and government organizations worldwide rely on Pwnie Express’s products to conduct drop-box penetration testing and provide unprecedented insight into their distributed network infrastructure. Pwnie Express’s smart devices leverage open source tools and platforms. The award-winning products are backed by the expertise of Pwnie Labs, the company’s security research arm.

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