Pwnie Express Releases Powerful Commercial-Grade Penetration Testing Tablet

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Jun 9, 2015) – Pwnie Express, the world leader in remote security assessment, and the first company to empower organizations of all sizes with a full visibility and threat detection platform, today announced the Pwn Pad 3, a commercial-grade penetration testing tablet designed for remote security assessment of wired and wireless networks and optimized for ease-of-use and mobility. Built on powerful, multi-touch HD hardware, this lightweight device is the ultimate penetration tester’s tool.

The Pwn Pad 3 features extended battery life, as well as a full set of dramatically enhanced features:

  • Completely New Scripts: Features custom Android launchers backed by an entirely new set of scripts to dramatically increase assessment speed while simplifying use.
  • Extended Hardware Support: Allows users to leverage the majority of popular Wi-Fi cards and chipsets, as well as numerous USB wired Ethernet adapters. This extended support gives users the flexibility to choose their preferred piece of hardware to get the job done.
  • On-the-Go Kali Disk Forensics: Additional support across a broad range of common file systems enables users to simply connect their hard drives to the Pwn Pad 3 via a USB device to access a suite of Kali disk forensics tools. This enables quick, “on-the-go” disk forensics capabilities for simple or scripted tasks directly from Pwn Pad 3.
  • Pwnie Express OTA Updates: This new Android app is exclusively built to automate necessary upgrades and ensure Pwn Pad is continuously up-to-date with the latest software — completely eliminating the need to reflash the device.

“Using a platform designed for gaming has allowed us to focus on optimized performance,” said Timothy Mossey, Lead Mobile Platform Engineer for Pwnie Express. “It’s a leap to develop the next iteration of mobile penetration testing on a platform like this, but it provided the power we needed for Pwn Pad 3.”

“All organizations, regardless of size or sector, must be able to implement scalable security tools to help protect themselves against ever-increasing threats,” said Dave Porcello, CTO, Pwnie Express. “We’re grateful for our collaborative relationship with our customers, and we applied their valuable feedback to make Pwn Pad 3 faster, sleeker and even more feature-rich, so they can more easily conduct an assessment on the road.”

Pwn Pad 3 is now available for pre-sale, and will be generally available on June 15, 2015. For more information please visit or or call (855) 793-1337.

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express is the world leader in remote security assessment, and the first company to empower organizations of all sizes with a full visibility and threat detection platform that discovers and alerts to unknown or high-risk devices and their potential threats wherever they exist on the network. Through its enterprise-class Pwn Pulse platform and its long-trusted Pwn Plug, Pwn Phone and Pwn Pad devices, Pwnie Express provides continuous visibility throughout the wired/wireless/RF spectrum, across all physical locations including remote sites and branch offices, detecting “known-bad,” unauthorized, vulnerable, and suspicious devices. Backed by the powerful security research of Pwnie Labs, Pwnie Express helps its customers reduce the attack surface created by the explosion of devices introduced by Bring Your Own Device (BYOD and the expansion of threat vectors brought on by the Internet of Things (IoT). It is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. To learn more, or @PwnieExpress.


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