Pwnie Express on NPR – A 4 Part Series

Pwnie Express teamed up with NPR and ARS Technica for an in-depth analysis of the privacy gaps in the Internet today in support of a Morning Edition series about the state of Internet privacy a year after the Snowden/NSA revelations.

Approached by Ars Technica editor and long-time Pwnie fan Sean Gallagher and by Steve Henn of NPR, our founder and CTO Dave Porcello agreed to “spy” on Steve Henn for a month and see what private information he could actually glean.

Below, you can find links with more information about the experiment for the NPR series on Morning Edition. You’ll also find various resources to help you get better informed about privacy online.

Relevant Resources

Day 1:

 NPR’s Morning Edition Project Eavesdrop: An Experiment at Monitoring My Home Office

  • Link to the show
  • Details from NPR’s journalist
  • Details from Dave Porcello on NPR Blog Series: PART 1 – The Drop Box

Day 2:

NPR’s Morning Edition Project Eavesdrop: What Passive Surveillance Collects

  • Link to the show
  • Link to Ars Technica’s details on NPR & Internet Surveillance
  • Link to Ars Technica’s survey of SSL use at major cloud providers
  • Details from Dave Porcello on NPR Blog Series: PART 2 – A Week in the Life

Day 3:

NPR’s Morning Edition Project Eavesdrop: How Will Tech Companies Protect Your Data From Snooping?

 Day 4:

NPR’s Morning Edition Project Eavesdrop: Here’s One Big Way Your Mobile Phone Could Be Open to Hackers

  • Link to the show
  • Link to Ars Technica’s article Tapped In: How Your Phone Gives You Up to Companies and Criminals

Final Recap of NPR’s Morning Edition Episode 548: Project Eavesdrop

Creating a Way For Businesses to Deal With Privacy Problems, by Paul Paget, Pwnie Express CEO

Privacy resources

FAQ: Monitoring My Own Traffic

FAQ: Pwnie Express Products

Pwnie Express cares about helping organizations and individuals operate safely online and is interested and looking forward to your comments, suggestions, and links to additional resources.

If you are an organization interested in reducing your IT security vulnerabilities, please contact is via 1-855-793-1337 or at and our team of security experts will be in touch with you.

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