Pwnie Express Finalist for 10th Annual Info Security’s Global Excellence Award

We are proud to announce that Pwnie Express’s Pwn Plug R2 is a finalist for Info Security Products Guide’s 10th Annual Info Security’s Global Excellence Award in their “Tomorrow’s Technology Today” category.

Dubbed a “hack-in-the-box” (white hat of course) by users and industry experts, the Pwn Plug R2 is a tightly-integrated penetration testing and network vulnerability assessment platform in a portable, shippable, plug-and-pwn form factor. The sleek Pwn Plug R2 looks like a small WiFi access point or router. But inside it’s actually a Linux-powered penetration and network assessment tool, providing white hat hackers and enterprise network security professionals a “drop box” system that can easily be shipped, activated and remotely controlled over a covert Internet channel or cellular data connection. For the first time organizations — whether it is, for example, a retail store, bank, government office or hospital — have unparalleled visibility into remote and branch offices, without having to travel. With the Pwn Plug R2 they now can know and continuously monitor what’s out there and what devices they are connected to. It is easy (just plug and Pwn) and cost effective.

Once a Pwn Plug R2 is deployed and turned on, it will automatically tunnel out of whatever network it’s plugged into over various covert channels that attackers usually use, such as tunneling over a trusted protocol like HTTP, SSL, DNS, and ICMP. And then if none of those work, it can always be accessed over 4G. With onboard high-gain wireless and dual-Ethernet, external high-gain Bluetooth, 4G/GSM cellular, more storage, and advanced software, the Pwn Plug R2 is the enterprise penetration tester’s dream tool.

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