Pwnie Express Changes the Penetration Testing Product Game Again – Releases Enterprise Penetration Testing Appliance (PX-EPA)

Pwnie Express, well known for their innovative, low cost, rapid deployment penetration testing products, have gone over the top with the release of their most enterprise-grade pentesting product to date, the Enterprise Pentesting Appliance (PX-EPA)

October 17, 2012

The Pwnie Express Enterprise Pentesting Appliance (PX-EPA) has the same full tool and feature set as the Pwn Plug and the Power Pwn (previous Pwnie Express product releases) and much more. The expanded horsepower on the PX-EPA provide for the packaging and support of Nessus Server, Metaspoit Pro and Cobalt Strike. The PX-EPA also supports hosting Backtrack, Qualys, nCircle, Acunetix and other products as virtual guest machines. The PX-EPA is hardened as per NSA, NIST, DOD, and DISA guidelines and ships with an encrypted volume for storage of sensitive data. WIFI, Bluetooth and 4G/GSM are on-board with optional support for Zigbee / Zwave, RFID and Software Defined Radios (SDRs). “This is the commercial product designed for more of a permanent deployment. Retail chains, financial service and health service companies need nimble solutions like this to address their ongoing security and regulatory requirements. Security service providers are some of our initial adopters and we anticipate that the state and federal agencies will continue the use of our products.” said M. Anthony Hughes, Director of Customer Development.

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express is the premier global provider of innovative, cost effective, rapid deployment penetration testing products. Their products have been incorporated into the cyber-security toolboxes of over one hundred security service providers, several Fortune 50 companies and various federal agencies. They have recently been featured in, The information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Journal, Ars Technica, PC Magazine, and Slashdot. The Pwn Plug has been named as the Editors Choice in PC Magazine and Pwnie Express has been named by CIO On-line as one of the 7 hottest security companies to watch. For more information on Pwnie Express, visit

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