Pwnie Express Arrives in San Francisco for RSA and BSides

Gabe Koss and Sam Stelfox present at BSidesAs the Pwnie Express arrives in San Francisco for RSA and BSides, we will be posting a daily blog to share what we are seeing and doing. Our team of Pwnies is excited to meet many of the people using our products, talk about the cool new things we are doing and engage with the industry on ways to use Pwn Plugs and Pwn Pads. If you deal with the challenge of assessing remote locations and wifi, you will see capabilities that dramatically improve visibility and assessment capability, especially to remote sites and “see all the things. ”

Here is a quick summary of what to expect at RSA and why you should stop by the booth:

  1. We will be showcasing the Pwn Plug R2, successor to the award winning Pwn Plug Elite, plus the Pwn Pad 2014, the most recent version of the way cool Pwn Pad for security professionals. Of course, we will be offering special show deals and selling products from the Pwnie stable, Booth 2513 in the South Hall.
  2. For the first time we will be showcasing our demo of Tenable’s Nessus product running as part of a fully equipped Pwn Appliance. We have recently established Pwnie Express as a strategic alliance partner with Tenable. The combination of Pwnie Express and Tenable solves the real world challenge of fully testing remote branch offices, sites and their wired and wifi devices.
  3. See another first, Pwnie Express demo with Splunk, showing how the Pwn Pad R2 can do site surveys on demand while feeding a real time view of all the wireless devices running within the vicinity of the Splunk and Pwnie booths. The data feed provides a powerful new source of visibility to organizations that need to see and monitor all the things coming in and out of their remote sites, including both wired and wireless. This capability is especially helpful in identifying rogue devices before they can do damage.
  4. We will also be interviewing users on camera (with permission) to share their stories about how they use their Pwn Plugs or Pwn Pads, so come on by Booth 2513 and tell us your story!

For BSides participants a couple of our experts will talk about how to “Pwn All the Things.” Gabe and Sam will talk about some of the tools pen testers may be missing in their bag of tricks, and how to keep pace with the evolving environment where more and more “things” are part of the security assessment and penetration testing challenge.

Now, if you are not attending these events, please send us an email and we will be happy to schedule a briefing for you on any of the topics about. We will be posting a blog daily this week to talk more about is happening at the events and share what we learn.  Adios.

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