Pwn Pulse Now Available In Europe: EU Workplaces Gain Full Visibility Into the Connected Devices Posing Threats To Their Networks For the First Time

With the rise in connected devices around the world, organizations globally need to better understand the threat of connected devices in and around their workplaces. In fact, according to the ISACA European 2015 IT Risk/Reward Barometer, 70 percent of European business and IT professionals consider it a medium to high likelihood that a company will be hacked through an internet-connected device. As bring your own device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices continue to proliferate in workplaces across the EU, 51 percent believe their IT department is not aware of all of the connected devices within the organization, and one in three do not have a policy in place to address BYOD at all – let alone discover and analyze the multitude of devices in and around their networks. These devices can be inherently malicious or can be used as gateways into the networks of these organizations, including critical networks used by utilities, financial institutions, government organizations, and others.

Our Pwn Pulse SaaS platform continues to gain recognition for its unique ability to detect and fingerprint rogue, misconfigured, and unauthorized devices on and around workplace networks – driving increased global demand. Today, we are proud to announce the European availability of our device detection platform in Europe, to help EU organizations protect their critical business infrastructure while preserving data privacy. With Pulse, European organizations can now detect all of the things – from phones and printers to malicious access points – across wired and wireless spectrums. This gives security teams full visibility of all devices, and enables real-time analysis and auditing of each device to determine which are rogue, misconfigured, or unauthorized. This helps them to prioritize security response, reduce alert fatigue, and provide situational intelligence to implement real-time remediation.

As part of this new offering, and as a committed, trusted security partner, we have deployed an on-continent instance of Pwn Pulse to meet newly heightened customer data policies as dictated by the EU. 


You can read full details of today’s announcement HERE.

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