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Do Pwn Products come with a hardware warranty?

With the exception of the Pwn Appliance, which carries a one-year hardware warranty, all new Pwn products carry a 90-day hardware warranty from the date of purchase.  If the purchase is a “Floor Model” (i.e. used), these products carry a DOA warranty only.


What technical support is available?

All Pwn products come with FREE technical support during the first thirty-days from the initial date of purchase.  After thirty-days, the ability to obtain technical support requires a subscription to “Pwnie Care”.


What is “Pwnie Care”?

Pwnie Care is available as an annual subscription and entitles customers to receive the following benefits:


  • Telephone and email support for product installation, configuration, and basic operation, Monday-Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern Time (US), excluding major U.S. holidays, for current product version only
  • Online access to 24×7 Support Center, providing product-related support articles & FAQ’s
  • Online access to 24×7 Community Support Forum
  • Free updates (both minor and major), as available, via Internet
  • Opportunity to attend open, customer only, monthly web-based introductory sessions
  • Opportunity to purchase Pwnie Training at discounted rates
  • Email notifications of available upgrades and updates for supported product revisions, technical bulletins, add-ons & complimentary products
  • Priority S&H and preemptive product replacement
  • The Pwnie Express Messenger digest

What are the major U.S. holidays?

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day


What is the URL to the Support Center or to read product-related support articles?

The Support Center is available at


What is the email address to submit technical support requests?

You can submit an email to request support via the Support Portal at or you can send an email to Whichever method is used please be sure to include the serial number of the device and the date of purchase.


What is the phone number to call to request technical support?

Call our main number at 855-793-1337, select option 3 for Support and one of our system engineers will be glad to help.  If no one is available, please leave your name, phone number, the serial number of the device and a basic description of the issue.


What support is available if Pwnie Care is not purchased?

After thirty days since the date of purchase, customers who choose not to purchase Pwnie Care are limited to the following benefits:


  • Online access to 24×7 Support Center, providing product-related support articles & FAQ’s
  • Online access to 24×7 Community Support Forum
  • Free updates (minor only), as available, via Internet
  • The Pwnie Express Messenger digest


Does Pwnie Express offer free versions of their products?  How do I get one?

As our way of saying “Thank you” to the community, Pwnie Express is pleased to offer a “Community Edition” for each the following products:


  • Pwn Plug Elite
  • Pwn Pad (on the Nexus 7 2012)
  • Pwn Pad 2014 (on the Nexus 7 2013)
  • Pwn Phone (on the Nokia N900)
  • Pwn Phone 2014 (on the Nexus 5 2014)


What is the difference between the “Community Edition” and the commercial (paid) versions of these products?

There is no difference with the software itself.  Hence, if you already own the hardware, you are familiar with Linux, you’re feeling adventurous, and you accept the disclaimer.  You can follow the installation instructions to re-image your device to turn it into a Pwn Product.  However, you will still need to purchase the adapters to obtain full-functionality.


Where can I purchase the adaptors for use with a “Community Edition”?

Please visit our Accessories page at


If building a Pwn Pad or Pwn Phone, you will want to purchase the TP-Link USB Adaptor, Bluetooth USB Adaptor, and USB-to-Ethernet Adaptor.  In addition, you will also need a MicroUSB OTG cable, which is currently not available from our site.

If building a Pwn Plug Elite, you will want to purchase the TP-Link USB Adaptor, Bluetooth USB Adaptor, and Unlocked 4G/GSM Adaptor.


What happens if I have problems installing the “Community Edition”?  What happens if I “brick” my device? Where can I obtain support for the “Community Edition”?

We’re sorry, but Pwnie Express cannot provide technical support to users of “Community Edition” software.  To do so would be unfair to our customers, who have a commercial (paid) version.  However, support for allCommunity Edition” software is available from the user community itself.  Please visit the Community Support Forum at In addition, you can read product-related support articles by visiting our Support Center at


What is NAC Bypass?  Which Pwn Products support this feature?

Using the second network interface, the Pwn Plug Elite, the Pwn Plug R2, the Pwn Plug R3, and the Pwn Pro are capable of bypassing Network Access Controls (NAC) on wired networks through transparent layer-2 bridging and a bit of scripting wizardry provided by Skip Duckwall.


What software tools are installed on Pwn Products?

All Pwn Products are built with Pwnix, which is a Linux distribution based upon the Kali Linux project.  Pwnie Express products based upon Kali include a full suite of the 100+ top open source pentesting tools, covert tunneling software, and the web-based Pwnie UI to simplify deployment.


Is it possible to add software to the Pwn Products?

Absolutely!  All Pwn Products provide you with full root access.  You can install software packages via the included package management tools, or compile your own from source (C compiler is standard on all devices).







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