Networking and Welcome Reception at RSA

Today the Pwnie Team set up booth #2513 with all of its cool new gear and cloud central demo. The floor was bustling with last-minute exhibitor setup activities before RSA opened its doors to visitors while our in-house sales engineers Kevin and Don completed a fantastic job of setting up the Pwnie demo. Located on the South Expo, the Pwnie Express booth had a great start to the week with both newcomers as well as supporters stopping by within the first few hours. Among them were SyncState LLC, SecureNinja, Rift Recon, and Treadstone Security Services who stopped by to say hello and to show their support. The Pwnies also took down visitors’ info for what were the first of many entries for the exciting Pwn Pad 2014 giveaway.

This is my first time at RSA, and the atmosphere is exciting, if not addicting. Each company’s team seemed both excited as well as a bit competitive in terms of comparing other booths to their own; each trying to outdo the next with unique signs, gadgets, and booth floor layouts. Meanwhile, each group tried  to start off the week with an active networking pace, proudly giving out their sales pitches, curiously eyeing their neighbors’ booths, and assigning last-minute strategies and tips to their teams. Walking the exhibit floor with my camera made me amazed at the number of small, dynamic cyber firms in the security space. At the same time, I am extremely proud to be attending RSA as a member of such a cutting edge, sophisticated, startup company that sets itself apart in the market by having the only technology that assesses both wired and wireless network security in remote locations.  The first few hours of  networking with new and old contacts this evening are a great preview of a productive and exciting week for the Pwnies at RSA!


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