Munroe Regional Medical Center Selects Pwnie Express for Security Assessments and Penetration Testing

Pwn Pad Tablets Provide Unprecedented Mobility and Ease of Use

Boston, MA June 30, 2014 – Pwnie Express today announced that the Munroe Regional Medical Center has selected its Pwn Pad penetration testing and security assessment tablet as the key tool to help ensure the security of their hospital data and safeguard their patients.

For the Ocala, Florida Munroe Regional Medical Center the privacy of its patients and staff and the safety and health of its patients are of utmost importance. To ensure it meets its goals it relies on Pwnie Express to stay ahead of the continued and increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats.

Pwnie Express provides cost effective, rapid deployment products compromised of innovative sensors available in a variety of form factors, including the Pwn Pad, which deliver in real-time previously unattainable intelligence that makes it easy to evaluate risk wired and wireless networks anywhere, on demand.

“The confidentiality of our data and the safety of our patients is critical to us,” said Robert Branch Munroe Regional Medical Center Director of Information Technology. “As attackers continue to target personally identifiable information as well as target medical devices themselves it is paramount that we see all the things hitting our network. The Pwn Pad allows us to do just that as we walk through the medical center.

Branch added: “The amount of unwanted activity hitting our network is astounding and Pwnie allowed us, and continues to allow us, to plug security holes and stop attacks before they happen. The devices provided us an immediate return on our investment.”
Munroe Regional Medical Center depends on the Pwn Pad, a fast, light easy to use tablet, which is the ideal choice for IT security professionals who are conducting a company walk though.

“Pwnie Express’s Pwn Pads allow Munroe Regional Medical Center to assess and test their network security by seeing what is hitting their network and proactively replicating attacks in the same ways that an attacker would,” said Pwnie Express Vice President of Marketing Peter Velikin. “Pwnie Express shows how a data breach could occur and which information assets are exposed. This enables them to close potential security holes and stop breaches.”

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