Infosec Professionals Needed for Annual Wireless and Wired Device Threat Study

Participants to Receive Completed Research Study and Entry to Win Pwn Pulse Subscription

BOSTON, MA–(Marketwired – Dec 29, 2015) – Pwnie Express, the only company providing threat detection of the billions of wireless and wired devices in and around your workplace, today announced its second annual Device Threat Survey. The company is currently seeking IT security professionals to participate in this valuable security research. Spearheaded by the company’s research team, Pwnie Labs, this survey will explore top-of-mind threats related to high-risk or unknown hardware for security teams as they enter 2016.

What: Today’s organizations are suffering from a device visibility problem. Whether it is called BYOD, BYOx, or IoT, every workplace of every size needs to see the phones, laptops, access points, printers, and more in and around their network. Heightened visibility is critical to effectively arming security teams and better protecting businesses from the threats presented by the billions of devices in and around the workplace.

Where: To participate in this 5-10 minute survey, please visit:

Contest: All entrants will be automatically entered into a drawing for a 12 month subscription of Pwn Pulse, Pwnie’s enterprise-class SaaS solution purpose-built to detect, fingerprint, and analyze any wireless and wired device.

To view results of Pwnie Express’ inaugural 2015 study, The Internet of Evil Things Report, please visit here.

About Pwn Pulse
Pwn Pulse continuously detects all of the devices putting an organization’s workplace at risk. The SaaS platform detects devices connected to or even around a network, helping to replace legacy, expensive, on-site, manual point-in-time assessments. Pwn Pulse finds unidentified, open attack paths including: mobile phones, Wi-Fi Printers, Access Points, Smart Devices, and more, while working to amplify an organization’s existing IT and security tools, people, and workflow.

About Pwnie Express
Pwnie Express provides threat detection of the billions of devices in and around your workplace. By automating wireless and wired device detection, Pwnie solutions continuously detect the devices on or around your network that are open pathways for attackers. Pwnie arms your security team to win the BYOD battle with the ability to detect and fingerprint any device, from phone to thermostat, in order to prioritize your security response, reduce alert fatigue, and provide situational intelligence. See all the things you’re missing at or @PwnieExpress.

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