Howdy to the InfoSec Ranger

Pwnie Express is proud to say “howdy” to the new InfoSec Ranger, the one and only Jayson Street!

For those of you who don’t know, Jayson has been an InfoSec professional and a well-known speaker at conferences around the world, as well as the author of books like “Dissecting the Hack.” In addition to his expertise, Jayson has famously explored different facets of the community as it exists worldwide and made incredible contributions in InfoSec education and awareness. Learn more on his website

Jayson will be continuing with all his usual educational shenanigans at Pwnie but helping to expand our awareness of what’s actually needed on the ground, while helping us to create a culture of education and awareness within Pwnie and throughout our content.

Bringing Jayson onboard has been nothing but fun, but we’re about to get serious – security is our business and though the Pwnies may have fun, we take security seriously. Stay tuned for some (serious) fun with Jayson, and shoutout to @PwnieExpress if you have ideas on things you’d like to see from him (and us!)

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