How to Use WiFite on the Pwn Pad

This video covers how to use WiFite on the Pwn Pad. Launch WiFite (in the wireless tools folder), the set it/forget it of wireless pentesting apps. Select the TPLink adapter (as it supports packet injection), an adapter that comes with the Pwn Pad, and automatically set it into wireless mode to find and list access points. If you see anything with WEP, Wifite will run through 6 different types of attacks, usually cracking the authentification once every 10,000 packets (often less than two minutes). To crack WPA2, you need to press the Volume down key on the Pwn Pad, followed by the letter C (Control C) to select the number of the access point you’re looking to crack. Reaver (PIN) attack will be launched, which will usually take about 8-10 hours, then attempt to acquire 4-way handshake, and take the bsid and utilize aircrack-ng to try to discern what the pass-raise may be. By default, we don’t try to do the dictionary attack (as it requires quite a bit of battery). Instead, we recommend that you go to the applications folder and run the “captures dump” application with a USB stick, to copy the capture file directly to that memory stick, which you can then use on a laptop or desktop with Kali Linux. In this particular case, the key was found in the dictionary file. Once you connect to the access point with the key layered, you can switch to a different type of attack.

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