How to Use Nmap on the Pwn Pad

This video demonstrates using nmap on the Pwn Pad, both with the one-touch functionality and from the command-line. The video covers the various adapters that can be used with the Pwn Pad and how to choose which one you are using: tplink, trendnet USB ethernet adapter, the onboard Nexus adapter, or EvilAP. Nmap will ascertain the IP address and scan the class-c of that network, and you can then run a common service scan or use nmap’s other functionalities.

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  1. Joshua Hancock
    Joshua Hancock says:

    Great video. Very descriptive. I have recently started using my PwnPad 2014 in the field and love the way it’s designed to make mobile pen-testing so much easier! Keep up the great work Pwnie! Looking forward to more great products and services.


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