Hacker Academy Contest: How to Train a Pwnie

We’ve teamed up with the good folks over at the Hacker Academy to co-sponsor a contest that will award a Pwn Pad, a subscription to The Hacker Academy and your own design printed on THA’s next t-shirt!

You can register on their contest page: How to Train a Pwnie Contest.

Here’s how to enter:

How to Enter the T-Shirt Contest:

Come up with something creative and catchy. Create something that demonstrates COMPLETE PWNAGE. Slogans, images, funny photos, hand-drawn pictures all are fair game.

Submit your entry. Use the form below. The “Entry” field is where you put your masterpiece (submit images as links created through imgur.com).

Twiddle your thumbs. Sit and wait for the finalists to be announced and winners to be decided. follow the contest on Twitter with the #TrainYourPwnie hash tag and look for important updates and news via our blog at blog.hackeracademy.com and http://store.pwnieexpress.com/blogs/pwnie.

Deadlines. Entries will be accepted until December 27, finalists announced January 6, with winner announced January 20.

How Voting Works:

You pick the winner!

As the entries are submitted, they’ll be published on the contest page.

The fine folks at the Hacker Academy and Pwnie Express will decide on the top 5 entries and the voting will open. Finalists will be lettered A-E and votes are submitted via a form on our site.

Are you ready? Great! Click here to register for the contest.

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