Getting the Customer Experience Right

Total customer experience isn’t just about GUIs. It’s about every single touch – and the ease with which a customer can access honest and reliable information, product, people, and support. To get it right takes focus at every level of the company. Leadership, Sales, Development, QA, Finance, Operations, and Support all need to think about how their decisions and routines affect the human being on the other end of the email, phone call, web browser, shipment, invoice, etc.

If this isn’t part of your core ethos as a company, you won’t get it right. Even when it is part of your core ethos, you will occasionally leave a customer frustrated by a product or service issue. It is your performance during these times that defines a company – do you look for excuses, or for solutions? Do you lean on your policies, or do you make better ones?

Recently, a customer looking for support got frustrated when we failed to provide a timely response to his queries. When we did get in touch with him, we were able to quickly get him back on track.

But what could we have done better?


1. Be overly accessible. Tell the people how to find you.

So how do you get in touch with us for support? There are many ways:

  1. – the best way to quickly get help with your Pwnie Product
  2.     Call our support line at (855) 793-1337 [Mon-Fri, 0900-1700 EST]
  3.      Contact your Account Rep
  4.     Email me personally at
  5.     Send snail mail, carrier pigeon, or (wait for it) Pony Express (cue rimshot)
  6.      We do have an IRC Channel, but we prefer customers use the above methods for support issues. You will get a faster and more personalized response

2. Keep a long view on customer lifecycles.

Companies pay a lot of attention to the first 30 – 90 days after a purchase. What about year 2, 3, or 10? It is important to make deliberate decisions about how you will support your products and customers years after the purchase. Warranties do apply, and products eventually meet their End of Life, but it is critical to communicate the plan with customers and provide paths to upgrade and maintenance.

3. Be community minded.

The Security Community continues to be a key part of Pwnie Express’ success. Your interest, support, and contributions drive us and challenge us to contribute innovations in the security space. We will continue to support and connect to the community as a foundational portion of our strategy and philosophy. Update on new Community Edition Mobile Release coming soon!

So how are we doing? Let me know at

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