DerbyCon 2013 Review

As usual DerbyCon was a blast this year!  A big thanks to Dave Kennedy and all the folks who make this conference possible. They do a great job of running the conference and always give us a ton of support.

DerbyCon is a really special smaller conference with good dynamics that allows people to really come together and learn a lot from each other.  I always leave feeling really inspired.

Giving back to the community is something we all value at Pwnie Express, so this year at DerbyCon we ran a free 2 day workshop on building your own PwnPad with a Nexus7 (2012 version).  We found that our image can be installed on any of the Nexus7 2012 models including the 16GB wifi only version!  Folks who attended had a lot of fun and left with freshly built Pads of their own, ready to Pwn!

Slides for the workshop are available here:  Build Your Own PwnPad – DerbyCon 2013

Other highlights of the con included a bunch of talks that mentioned Pwnie Express, with a couple great talks by Chris Nickerson and Jason Street who actually talked about successful pentest stories where they used our products.

Such a great con, such a great time. We look forward to next year, – hope to see you there!


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