Creating a Way for Businesses to Deal With Privacy Problems

The NPR findings show how easy it is for an adversary to extract private or confidential information.  Whether data is picked up via Wifi or more intrusively via a rogue computer or device, the problem of unknown devices in the workplace spying on an organization is a reality.

For organizations who are concerned about this or have privacy compliance laws to meet, Pwnie Express will soon be offering a service that will make it easy to sense and locate rogue computers or drop boxes placed in their offices or remote locations.

The Pwn Plug R2, Pwn Appliance, Pwn Pads and Pwn Phone products will be able to monitor and log or alert Pwnie Express’ central service when rogue devices are detected.  This is a critical aspect of protecting an organization, sensing the presence of an adversarial drop box.  You can actually see the enemy hiding in plain site, something not possible with existing network centric monitoring systems.

If you are interested in hearing about this when we make it available please complete the form on the right so that we can add you to the notification list.

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