What Creepy Tech Toys Know About Your Kids

Tom’s Guide

by Sue Marquette Poremba

February 9, 2015


Like it or not, our kids love technology just as much as we do. Toymakers know this, and are rushing to make kids high-tech toys. But often, these toys are connected to servers that store your kids’ — and your own — personal data in the cloud.

A doll that knows your child’s name and favorite color might be cute, but is it also setting up your child or family for unforeseen security risks, such as identity theft? Can a toy know too much about your child?

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Researchers Hack Office Building Using Drone

Singapore Researchers have demonstrated their ability to hack into the wireless printer in a secured office located in a 30-story office building, using a Samsung smart phone attached to a standard drone from DJI.  Wired Magazine reports that researchers at iTrust, a cybersecurity research center at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, developed applications for a smart phone attached to a drone allowing them to identify vulnerabilities in wireless networks.


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