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Dangerous Precedent Set in Topface Hack

An interesting bit of news has recently come out of Russia, where the popular dating site “Topface” agreed to pay an attacker an unspecified amount of money to prevent them from selling a list of 20 million email addresses that had been stolen from their servers. Topface Chief Executive Dmitry Filatov was quoted as saying […]

Hackers for Hire

Over the weekend, word started spreading online about “Hackers List”, a service that offers individuals a way to connect with hackers who are looking for freelance work. While the site clearly states that it exists only to link hackers with potential employers, questions about the legitimacy and legality of such a service immediately starting springing […]

Deconstructing the KeySweeper

Security researcher Samy Kamkar has recently taken the wraps off KeySweeper, a wireless keyboard sniffer that is disguised as a standard USB wall charger, and it’s already gotten quite a bit of attention in the media. Not that making headlines on tech sites is a new feat to Kamkar, who readers may remember from his […]

Mobile WiFi Jamming (Disrupting WiFi Networks with Mobile Devices)

Disrupting WiFi Networks with Mobile Devices   At this point, everyone should be pretty familiar with the “rogue AP” concept: an attacker creates an innocent enough looking WiFi access point, hopes people connect to it, and then does nasty things when they do. It’s simple to setup, hard for the average user to detect, and […]

Pwn Plug R2 vs. R3 – Head to Head

The recently released Pwn Plug R3 is a departure from its predecessors in a number of ways, but perhaps none as pronounced as the move away from the low-power ARM architecture. Rather than stick to ARM, which is primarily used in smartphones and tablets, Pwnie Express has embraced the latest Intel Next Unit of Computing […]

Mobile SDR with Pwnie Mobile Devices

In the context of pentesting, “wireless” is generally taken to mean WiFi, and possibly Bluetooth. That’s not because those are the only two wireless technologies deployed in the wild, but because these are the primary types of wireless communications that testers can get access to. The economies of scale push the cost of high-end WiFi […]