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Why Does the Community Like Mr. Robot?

Surf channels most times of the day and you’ll see someone in scrubs, possibly in an operating room. Most TV stations have at least one show where there’s a doctor doing doctor-like things, and we find that intriguing and interesting. These are shows dealing with severe matters of life and death, showing people (just like […]

Policies That Work (Making IT Real)

We talk a lot about IT, but we don’t talk nearly enough about making IT real. In particular, I’ve found that there’s a disconnect between IT – security guys in particular – and the people they’re securing. While this applies across the board, it becomes a problem when policies are being created. One of the […]

The Stove is Hot: and Other Life Lessons We Had to Learn the Hard Way

There have been a lot of stories in the news about transportation hacks, from planes to automobiles (and I’m waiting on the train). Security threats in transportation have become both more frequent, more threatening, and – as increasingly more of our transportation becomes “hackable” – more important. Recently, very high-risk vulnerabilities were discovered in these […]

InfoSec Cons – What is the future? (Part 2: The Future)

(Continued from Part I: The Present)   SK: OK, so now we’ve done a lot of talking about the great improvements in some of the cons, and what you’ve seen a lot of improvement in this year. What do you think didn’t work this year? What is concerning to you? I think this year one […]

InfoSec Cons and the Future (Part 1: The Present)

(An Interview with Jayson E. Street – find Part II HERE)   SK: I’d like to start off by having you talk a bit about your experience with conferences in general – what are some general thoughts? I have gone to conferences all over the world to speak (with no shame); I have spoken to […]

Submarine Thinking Will Save Your Network

Even our terminology reflects what we think about security. Case in point; the very name of what we call the first line of perimeter defense – a firewall – shows our antiquated thinking regarding the defensive postures of the network. Somehow, we are still in the realm of thinking about moats and castle walls while […]

Beta Books and You

Regarding the new book, second in the Dissecting the Hack series, “Dissecting the Hack: The V3rb0t3n  Network.” I have never run into any projects that started out in Beta, which you immediately realized were so flawless that they could go straight to production. After rushing out this book to make sure that it made it […]