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10 Reasons Why Pwn Pulse Will Save You Time and Money

1. Real Time Wired, Wireless, and Bluetooth Asset Discovery Pwn Pulse allows you to automatically discover both wired and wireless assets and helps security professionals locate rogue devices and create a comprehensive list of network devices and exceptions that may be noncompliant or harmful. Pulse detects wireless and Bluetooth devices, unlike software-agent-based solutions, so Pwn […]

Credit Monitoring – Are We Protected?

K-Mart just reported that it had been breached. So did Dairy Queen. And Home Depot. And Target and JP Morgan and an untold number of companies we don’t even know about yet. With the constant flow of breaches, it would stand to reason that these companies would get better at dealing with them. Yet many […]

(Fast) WEP Cracking on the Pwn Plug R3

It’s common knowledge that Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a completely broken form of WiFi security, but not everyone knows just how trivial it can be to defeat with a properly configured appliance such as the Pwn Plug R3. Not only is the R3 ready to go with the latest versions of all the required […]

Employees, Education, and Social Engineering

In conversations with CISO’s and others in charge of security, the Pwnies keep hearing the same thing: employees are usually the weakest link. When people think of hackers, the stereotype is still of some guy in a basement, silently, remotely, and independently accessing the world around them. Of course this is sometimes true, but this […]

Derby Con and $100 Off

Did you watch the Pwnies on Security Weekly last week? No? Well then you missed out… and on more than a great show! Pwnie Express was offering $100 off an R3 to those who watched (which expires September 30). You can still catch the show (and the discount code) here or on the Security Weekly […]

Proxy Pivot Point

Continuing in our “how-to” series, this video guides you through setting up a Proxy Pivot Point on a Pwn Pro (or any of our sensors). The remote sensor, in this case the Pro, is used as a pivot point/beachhead to allow for subsequent communication. This allows you to leverage the sensor as a pivot point so that […]

Scare the CEO

Pwnie Express does not in any way condone fear mongering. That being said, the resignation of Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel (following a data breach that affected 40 million customers and will cost the company at least $148 million) is inherently scary, and not just in the InfoSec world. Those numbers should wake up even the […]

Derby Con 4.0 – Guide to Louisville

Derby Con 4.0 will be September 24-28 in Louisville Kentucky, and Pwnie Express will be on hand September 25-26 (and we might have stickers), so stop by the booth and say hello! We’ll be having a drawing for a free red Pwn Phone, one of only a few specially-made ones. In order to enter the […]

Crunching the Numbers: A Snapshot of Security

Here at Pwnie, we want to know just how we’re helping the industry. So we conducted a survey of you and your peers — hundreds of IT security professionals last month. The survey found that 40.6 percent of you have no visibility into your wireless assets at remote sites. That’s right – zero. As wireless […]

How to Use WiFite on the Pwn Pad

This video covers how to use WiFite on the Pwn Pad. Launch WiFite (in the wireless tools folder), the set it/forget it of wireless pentesting apps. Select the TPLink adapter (as it supports packet injection), an adapter that comes with the Pwn Pad, and automatically set it into wireless mode to find and list access […]