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Congratulations (and some cool Pwn Pad ideas)

Congratulations to Bradley F. Reed of the NASA IV&V team, the winner of our Pwn Pad 4! It was pretty tough to choose, though. We had some great responses from InfoSec pros of all types. Don’t believe me? Check out their creativity for yourself: Some people just wanna test: “We would use this to detect […]

Summertime Security: 5 Tips to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi

By Sarah Park MeriTalk June 6, 2016 Forty-three percent of Americans would sacrifice their personal online security for faster Internet speed, according to a recent report. The survey, conducted by SecureAuth and Wakefield Research, dives into Americans’ perceptions around Internet speed versus personal security over public Wi-Fi, and shows Americans as a whole will latch […]

$13 Million Investment Will Grow Tech Firm In Burlington

By Steve Zind May 19, 2016 Vermont Public Radio A tech firm with roots in Vermont has raised $12.9 in venture capital that will help create new jobs at its Burlington office. Pwnie Express started as a one-person business Central Vermont six years ago. Now there are 40 employees. While its main office is in […]

Introducing the Pwn Pad 4: the latest Pwnie mobile sensor for wired, wireless and Bluetooth device detection, classification, and penetration testing

We’re excited to announce pre-sale of the Pwn Pad 4, a commercial-grade security tablet designed for remote security assessment. The Pwn Pad 4 combines a portable security detection and pen-testing tool with a powerful enterprise security platform.  In addition, even the pentesting abilities have some exciting new features: with Kali Rolling and Blue Hydra (a […]

Pwnie Express Named Finalist in Info Security Products Guide’s 2016 Global Excellence Awards

Boston, MA – February 9, 2016 – Today, Info Security Products Guide, the industry’s chief information security research and advisory guide, has named the Pwn Pulse platform a finalist for the 2016 Global Excellence Awards in the “Best New Product or Service of the Year Category.” Pwn Pulse is the industry’s first SaaS solution designed to […]

5 Ways Campaigns Can Secure Themselves

As a former government major, the first question I get asked is usually some variation of “who’s going to win in 2016?!” The second question: “How’d you end up in cybersecurity? What does cybersecurity even have to do with government?” The answer, increasingly, is “everything.” After the recent data breach kerfuffle between the Sanders and […]

Creating A Secure PassPHRASE and Ditching PassWORDS

In a nearly two decade career in technology, mainly in security, I can count on my two hands the amount of times that I’ve changed my personal behavior because of something I’ve heard in a meeting. Typically it would happen as I was sitting in the audience watching a presentation at some con, and a […]

Annual Innovation List Provides Clues to Security’s Future

The end of a year always brings about both retrospective and predictive posts. It is important, especially in our security community to both recognize where we’ve been to learn from the past and look forward to what might happen in order to be prepared. That is why SC Magazine’s annual “Security Innovator” awards have been a great barometer […]

Security is a Think Globally, Act Locally Proposition

Before RSA expanded to take up the entire Moscone, before Blackhat grew to amazing proportions, before even Defcon became a big time event, there were local meetups to talk about security. Often looked at as a gathering of mistfit ‘hacker’ types, these gatherings many moons ago were all about sharing knowledge about vulnerabilities, techniques, new […]