Announcing the New Pwn Pad 3

Pwnie Express is proud to unveil the latest iteration of its Pwn Pad line of mobile penetration testing tools: the Pwn Pad 3. This newest entry in Pwnie’s line of commercial grade remote assessment tablets represents the biggest update ever for the product. It features a completely new hardware platform, improved peripheral support, a bevy of enhancements to Pwnie’s custom user interface, and a version bump to the core Android operating system.


Updated Hardware

The most obvious change in the Pwn Pad 3 is the hardware itself. Featuring a Tegra K1 2.2 GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB of RAM, the Pwn Pad 3 delivers PC-like performance in a tablet form factor. In fact, the Tegra K1 benchmark score on the popular Android benchmark suite Geekbench is over double that of the Pwn Pad 2014.

While you probably won’t be playing Half Life on your Pwn Pad 3, the vastly improved performance of the Tegra K1 architecture delivers real world improvements that translate directly into better capability in the field. With the Pwn Pad 3, a penetration tester doesn’t have to lug around a laptop to perform computationally expensive tasks such as decryption or man-in-the-middle attacks against large networks; it can all be done right on the Pwn Pad.


Refined Software

While the powerful new hardware featured in the Pwn Pad 3 is impressive, it only makes up one half of the equation. Pwnie’s custom software has been thoroughly tweaked and revamped for the Pwn Pad 3, including a complete rewrite of many of the automated security assessment scripts. Also included is the brand new “Pwnie Express OTA Updater” application, which will make updating the Pwn Pad to the newest software release easier than ever.

The Pwn Pad 3 also features notable improvements to third party hardware support, allowing users to connect dozens of new USB devices to their Pwn Pad’s. The Pwn Pad 3 will still ship with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet adapters, but users will now have the option of using their favorite hardware as well.

Improvements to the Pwnie’s front-facing features will be immediately obvious to users, but there’s plenty of software behind the scenes which has also seen considerable revamping. First and foremost, the Pwn Pad 3 is now running Android 4.4 (KitKat); currently the most widely used version of Google’s open-source mobile operating system. The Pwn Pad’s integrated Kali Linux installation has also been updated, which brings along an impressive list of fixes and updates to the literally hundreds of the open source security tools it contains.



Pre-sales for the Pwn Pad 3 kit start today, with the first units expected to ship out this Summer.
Like its predecessors, the Pwn Pad 3 kit will include external high performance WiFi and Bluetooth adapters which are compatible with all of the most popular wireless tools such as Kismet, Aircrack-NG, Bluelog, Wifite, and Reaver, as well as an Ethernet adapter for auditing wired networks.

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