Announcing the Pwn Plug R2!

Today we’re very proud to announce a new product, the Pwn Plug R2.

This brand new release builds on the massive success of the Pwn Plug Elite, and brings with it a number of customer-requested features.

Ars Technica says it best: “inside, it’s really a Linux-powered NSA-in-a-box, providing white hat hackers and corporate network security professionals a “drop box” system that can be remotely controlled over a covert Internet channel or a cellular data connection.”

Hardware-wise, we have great news: no more external dongles for dual-ethernet or wireless! The R2 has onboard high-gain wireless and dual-ethernet, external high-gain Bluetooth, 4G/GSM cellular, and more builtin storage.

This release also brings the newest version of our Pwnix software to the device as well, allowing the system to be updated easily, and laying the groundwork for integration with other Pwnie Express products.

We’ll be at Black Hat and DEFCON all week showing it off, stop by, say hello, and take a look at the R2!

Click here to see the full specs for the Pwn Plug R2.


UPDATE: Yep, we’ll absolutely still be supporting the original Pwn Plug via the regular support channels.

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