Introducing the Pwn Pad 4: the latest Pwnie mobile sensor for wired, wireless and Bluetooth device detection, classification, and penetration testing

We’re excited to announce pre-sale of the Pwn Pad 4, a commercial-grade security tablet designed for remote security assessment. The Pwn Pad 4 combines a portable security detection and pen-testing tool with a powerful enterprise security platform.  In addition, even the pentesting abilities have some exciting new features: with Kali Rolling and Blue Hydra (a Pwnie-developed capability), it’s the only pentesting tablet with Bluetooth capabilities that offers energy efficient and conventional Bluetooth detection and fingerprinting.

The Pwn Pad 4 features the following enhanced capabilities:

  • Blue Hydra, An industry first from Pwnie Express, the Pwn Pad 4 now includes Blue Hydra, the first device discovery software capable of detecting low power and classic Bluetooth devices.
  • Portable Pen-Testing Doubling as Threat Detection Sensors: The tablet is completely integrated with Pwnie Express’ Pwn Pulse SaaS platform for real-time wired and wireless, BYOD and IoT threat detection. This allows security professionals to leverage the versatile pen testing capabilities of a portable pad andwith the centralized visibility and historical records of enterprise data.
  • Kali Linux Rolling Distribution: The tablet comes prepackaged with the latest Kali Rolling edition, which includes an arsenal of tools and scripts for the hands-on, on-the-go cyber security professional.
  • Enhanced Configuration and Setup: The Pwn Pad 4 is more user-friendly than its earlier counterparts, with a consumer-like setup and configuration wizard that allows customers to streamline the initial implementation, upgrading and use of non-Pwnie Android apps.  

The Pwn Pad 4 is now available for pre-sale and will be generally available on June 1.  For more information, please visit  or contact or call (855) 793-1337.

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  1. Chris Martin
    Chris Martin says:

    Will it be possible to use the new Kali Rolling Distribution and updated Pwn Pad 4 software on the Pwn Pad 2014?


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