Saddle Up for Derby?

That’s right – once again we’ll be hanging out at DerbyCon (as a gold sponsor, no less!)

We were going to put together another Louisville guide, but after last year we realized that the city is simply too cool – and too popular – for the likes of us to try and outdo a real guide. However, just a quick reminder (according to the DerbyCon official website) of a few of the things around the area:

  • 4th Street Live (seriously, you should check it out)
  • Muhammad Ali Center
  • Louisville Slugger Museum
  • Frazier History Museum
  • Louisville Waterfront Park
  • Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts


Obviously, plenty going on at the con itself – of particular interest is the Hackers screening… we’re (more than) a little obsessed with the movie here at Pwnie. Remember to check out the Schedule of talks and events – we’ve got a few favorites, but for the sake of fairness we’ll let you figure out which ones those are.

As usual, swag will be present and plentiful, and for the first time ever we have PWNIE PATCHES!


Most importantly, remember that we’ll have THREE different drawings, all for a year-long subscription of Pwn Pulse (including an R3 Pwn Plug!) This year we’re running things a little differently; instead of having a card dropbox, we’ll have three separate live drawings:


  • Friday at 6pm
  • Saturday at 6pm
  • Sunday at 2pm

Can’t wait to see y’all there!

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