Learn to Build Your Own Pwn Pad

Pwn Pad - Penetration Testing TabletThe Pwnie Express team is going to be hosting “Build & Learn: Pwn Pad Workshop” next week at DerbyCon.

Pwnie Express will coach you through building your very own Pwn Pad … and even better, we’ll show you how to use it when you’re done! Members of our team will work with you to apply our community addition image to your Nexus. This will be followed by a tutorial of the tools and how to use them. Those who wish to just observe are also welcome to attend.

If you plan to participate, here’s some gear you’ll need:

Required gear to build: Nexus 7 (1st generation only). The 32GB 3G model is supported. Other variation of the Nexus 7 may work, but have not been tested.

Required accessories: USB OTG Cable, 4GB Flash Drive. A Linux laptop (optional).

Adapters required for functionality: TP-Link Wireless TL-WN722N USB adapter. Adapters will be available for sale at our booth as well if you wish to purchase them at DerbyCon.

DerbyCon Info


September 25 – 29, 2013


Hyatt Regency
320 West Jefferson
Louisville, Kentucky 40202


Pwn Pad Workshop in Belmont, 9-11am, smaller capacity 25-30, Saturday 9/28
Pwn Pad Workshop in Churchill/Downs, 1-3pm, larger capacity 35-40, Sunday 9/29

Click here for the full DerbyCon schedule.


If you’re planning to attend, let us know! Look forward to seeing you there.