Pwnie Express at Source Boston 2012

Boston, MA – April 17, 2012.

Pwnie Express, small Vermont-based CYBER-security start-up is a featured vendor at
SOURCE Boston 2012. SOURCE Conference is the world’s first security conference and training event to focus on
bringing together the business and technical communities. At SOURCE, technical experts publish advanced research
and network for job opportunities, while executives keep up with the technology that shapes their important decisions.
Both leave SOURCE with an understanding of each other’s perspectives on the critical security problems that face the

Pwnie Express, founded in Barre, Vermont in 2009, specializes in penetration cyber-security testing hardware. The
company’s flagship product, the Pwn Plug, is the first-to-market penetration testing drop box platform. Penetration
testing (pentesting) tests a network’s vulnerabilities by having an authorized person attempt to break into the network.
Penetration testing safeguards organizations by identifying vulnerabilities so that they may be managed proactively. It
provides due diligence and compliance for regulators, shareholders and customers. The Pwn Plug provides remote
security testing of internal corporate facilities and governmental agencies, allowing testing over the internet and
eliminating travel expenses.

“SOURCE Boston is a special place for us in that this was the first conference that Pwnie Express attended (last year).
We are deeply appreciative for the outpouring of support we have received from the conference coordinators and
attendees, many of whom are our initial adopters”, said Dave Porcello, CEO of Pwnie Express. Mark Hughes, Director
of Marketing and Sales said, “We are proud to have Pwnie Express back at SOURCE Boston for a second year.
Their innovative products have changed the landscape of pentesting” said Christien Rioux, founder of the SOURCE

Pwnie Express’ products have been incorporated into the CYBER-security toolboxes of over one hundred security
service providers, several Fortune 50 companies and various federal agencies. They have recently been featured in
The information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Journal, Wired, Ars Technica, PC Magazine, and Slashdot.

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