Pen Testing with Pwn Plug

By Russ Mc-Ree

As you likely know by now given toolsmith’s position at the back of the ISSA Journal, March’s theme is Advanced Threat Concepts and Cyberwarfare. Well, dark reader, for your pwntastic reading pleasure I have just the topic for you. The Pwn Plug can be considered an…

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7 Hot Security Companies to Watch

By Ellen Messmer

There’s a rush in security startups looking to tackle everything from identity management to encrypting cloud data. Here are some of the latest companies worth keeping an eye on…

Pwnie Express

Headquarters: Barre, Vt.  2010  No venture-capital funding  Dave Porcello, CEO and technical lead  Pwnie Express may be a one-man band, but it’s profitable.

Founded: 2010

Funding: 2013

Leader: Dave Porcello 

Fun fact: The company originated in Dave Porcello’s basement

Why we’re watching it: Mark Hughes, director of marketing and sales for the startup, admits it can be hard to get a good phone connection in this rural area of Vermont. But that didn’t stop company founder Dave Porcello from coming up with vulnerability-assessment penetrating tools, including one called PwnPlug, that range in price from about $570 to $800. The network penetration tools, largely based on open source, compete with those from Core Security and Rapid7, among others. Pwnie Express is tiny, but with about $300,000 in revenues last year, was profitable.

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